Myrgan Wood Invitational Tournament and Demo

June 18th, 2023, registration at 12am, shoot begins at 1:30pm.

Bowbusters Archery Club, Vanscoy SK.

Welcome to the Myrgan Wood Invitational Tournament and Demo! This is a traditional style archery tournament hosted by the Barony of Myrgan Wood.

Medieval Garb is encouraged but not required. There will also be some merchants and SCA demonstrations on site.

For the tournament, there will be two divisions:

Division 1 is SCA legal shooting: traditional bows without augmentation (weights, sights including peep sights or pins, stabilizers, clickers, etc), shooting wooden arrows.

Division 2 is open to anyone shooting a traditional bow regardless of arrow type.

Prizes will be awarded in both divisions for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions.

Gate fee to participate in the tournament is 5$ in order to be eligible to score and compete for prizes.

This Demo is sponsored by the Barony of Myrgan Wood, Society of Creative Anachronisms.