Myrgan Wood Summer Championships 2023

When: July 7th – 9th, 2023

Event Description:
Join the Barony of Myrgan Wood at our Summer Champions event to find our next Champions of Arrow
and Rapier! There will be many other activities on the schedule that aren’t normally run at events
because Myrg likes to keep it weird!

3 Truths and 1 Lie! There will be:
1)Breakable Shields tournament with actual breakable shields!
2)Friday night Team Torchlight Tourney for both Rapier and Armoured!
3)Bardic Bingo!
4)Target Archery Competition with real arrows and live peasants!

Where: Quad War Site 52°53’02.7”N 109°53’56.1”W Site Hours: Noon to Noon

$25 ($20 with membership)
17 and under free.

Friday 7th

Noon Site opens

7pm-9pm Open Archery Range

9:00-9:30PM Armour Inspection for Armored and Rapier

9:30-11:00PM Combined Discipline Torchlight Tournament

Saturday 8th

10am – 11:30am Opening Court including Invocation and Processional

11:30 – 1pm Rapier Championship Tourney Begins

1PM – 2:30 PM Breakable Shields Heavy Tourney

1:00 – 2:30PM Archery Range opens for warmups, inspections etc.

1:00 – 2:30 A&S Class

2:30 – 4PM Archery Championship Tourney

4PM – 5PM A&S Class

5PM – 7PM Supper time

7pm – 8PM Evening Court

8PM – 4am Games in the Eric Roller and stick game Rubber Chicken and Pool Noodle game Jomswinger, Hunker Down etc.

ACTIVITY DESCRIPTIONS! Combined Discipline Torchlight Tournament On Friday evening, set up your camp and then join us at the erics in Town Center for a Combined Discipline Torchlight Team Tournament! Enter as a team to fight other teams in a Round Robin Format. Teams may be formed by one of the following 3 methods. 1) One Knight is a team. They fight by themselves as a team of 1 2) Two person team formed by either squires or Current or Past Baronial or Kingdom Armoured Champs 3) Three person teams formed by 3 people who aren’t knighted, squired, or are current or past Baronial or Kingdom Champs. We will be running a fencing tournament concurrently and alternating rounds. Fencing teams can be made up in the same way substituting armoured terminology for fencing terms. There will be a pell in the middle of the eric to be fought around, as an obstacle/teammate.

Dress the Newbie Competition Get your team together and find a newbie who’s first event was within the last 6 months. Prior to the event, you can talk about a general idea, but you may not do anything. No measuring, no patterning, nothing concrete at all. As soon as morning court finishes, it’s game on. Using materials that you have brought, measure, pattern, cut and sew a complete outfit for them. Set them up with everything that they’d need to play in the SCA. Feast Gear, a cup, jewelry, whatever. Everything must be a gift. Nothing may be lent for the purposes of winning the competition. In evening court, present your newbie to the Crown and show us how well they’re prepared for their new hobby. Myrgan Wood Baronial Fencing Champion Tourney Please join us as either an vying competitor or to test the mettle of those would succeed Vicente as the next Champion of Fencing for Myrgan Wood. Championship is only open to residents of Myrgan Wood and holders of the Blood of the Wood, both subject to the whim of the Their Excellencies, but we welcome the Knowne World to join the tourney and celebrate the Art of Fencing and make our new Champion earn their position. Breakable Shields Heavy Tourney As a fundraiser for the site, we’re running a breakable shields tourney. I’m making a bunch of shields that will break when they get hit. You may buy a shield to enter the tournament. You may buy as many shields as you want. You can re-use shields from round to round if they’re still usable. Strategy will be to find a way to block that doesn’t blow up the shield and to figure out when to sword block vs shield block. Full guantlets will be available to keep your hands safe but please bring your own if you have some too. Populace Choice A&S Competition Following morning Court, competitors are invited to set up their entry in the A&S Pavilion for the populace to view and vote on. The competitors should answer 3 questions: 1) What is it? 2) How does it relate to the SCA time period? 3) How did you make it (how does that differ from how it would have been made in period)? Populace will view the entries and vote on their favorites by putting a marble in the cup in front of their choice. Voting will close 1hr before evening court for tallying. Supper Time There is actually 2 hours on the schedule designated for Supper Time. I know that this is a little weird and not normally a thing, as we’re accustomed to stuffing food in our faces as we try to rush to get to

Court on time. But instead, let’s use this time to make something actually good to eat and to share the
time with others that we wish we could see more at events. We have time here to enjoy each other’s
company over a good meal so let’s use it with friends.
Saturday Night Games Night
We have a lot of crowd participation games planned for Saturday night in the erics.
We are rolling out a new game where we’re going to tape rubber chickens with squeakers on to 5-6
people’s feet, and then put them in the eric with a blindfolded guy with a pool noodle. Last chicken
walker standing wins.
We have a log rolling game where you stand on a rolling log, and have a 6’ long stick. Your opponent is
outfitted the same and whoever stays on their log the longest wins. You can’t hit the other guy, but you
can hit his stick or roller.
Will have Jomswinger and Hunker Down and other games as well.
We’ll need drums and music to make this really a party so please bring your instruments. Remember, if
you can’t be good, then at least be loud. This isn’t the type of Bardic with an audience and polite applause.
This is party bardic where the bard is driving the energy level of the party higher.

Event Stewards:
Thorgunn Hrognsbur: Robert Boniface: Astrid Arnsbjornsdottir: Hrogn Guntherson: