Arts and Fight Practice

Fight Practice/A&S/Social Night

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Garb is encouraged, but optional.

If participating in combat, groin protection is necessary. This applies to fencing and heavy combat.
If participating in fencing, arms and legs must be covered. Please wear comfortable pants and something with sleeves.

Group gear is available, so don’t let your lack of fight-kit keep you away!

Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to try to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events.
By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.

Outdoor Location:

Rotary Park – Saskatchewan Cresent E, Saskatoon S7N 0K6
Google Maps Directions to Rotary Park

Indoor Location:

Cosmo Civic Centre Combat Room
3130 Laurier Drive, Saskatoon, SK S7L 5J7
6-8 pm.

When indoors, please wear non-scuffing shoes.

Please note that as of March 1st, 2024 there is a practice fee for Tuesday Evenings when indoors. This covers the cost of rental space. Please bring exact cash or a cheque (SCA – Myrgan Wood). If fees are an obstacle to participation, please seek one of our officers so we can look at options.

There is a one-month no-fee grace period for new players.

Prices are as follows:
$5 nightly
$90 March-August or September-February
$160 March-March
$0 Youth (0-17 years)