Myrgan Wood Anniversary 2023 – FAQ with Skald Strifemaker

Where is it?
The event will be in the Peter Mackinnon Building and the Physics Building on the campus of the University of Saskatchewan. Weather permitting we will be moving fighting out onto the Bowl. That will be decided the day of.

How can I pay?
Pay at the door via cash or cheque. Cheques made out to SCA – Myrgan Wood

Can I pre-pay?
No we are not set up for that

Where do I park?
There are numerous pay parking lots around the University. (see parking on map on Anniversary page) and you can find more detailed information from the University of Saskatchewan parking page. If you’re not afraid to walk, there is time-limited free parking in the residential area across College Drive. If you’re really keen on walking, the farther you are from Campus, the longer you get free parking!

Where is my Class?
Classes schedule is on the website, and on Facebook.

I want to hang my banner, can I?
YES!!! please bring you banners to hang from the Convocation Hall balcony. Please use Painters tape to secure them. No tacs or duct tape please.

Is there a feast?
Well, that is up to you! The event will not be providing one, however you are free to bring or order what food you wish.

Is there a bar?
Yes there will be bar service in the evening.

Can my bring my own alcohol?
No. All alcohol must be purchased from the bar onsite.

Can I bring a crock pot, or my own microwave to heat up my dinner? No. Electronics are not allowed, though you can supply your own bagged lunch or something that doesn’t require future-scary technology-wizardry.

Can I order food in from one of Saskatoon’s fine restaurants?
Yes indeed! Go nuts. Saskatoon’s got a lot of great options!

What if the synchrotron malfunctions and sends us all back to 1241? Well I guess enjoy the authentic historical experience. No refunds sorry. (Maybe one more reason to bring garb.)

Can I have candles?
No actual flames are allowed. Electric candles/lights only.

Are we allowed to see the museum?
Yes! Please feel free to explore the Museum of Antiquities. Admission is included with site.

Are children welcome?
Yes, though children must be minded at all times as per SCA policies.

Is photography allowed?
Yes, Please be respectful of those at the event, and ask permission if possible.

Where is everyone staying?
We do not have any specific hotels to recommend for this event.

Where’s the Website?
Avacal’s Website is here, and you are currently on the Myrgan Wood page for this event. Good job!

Is there an after-party?
For location to the unofficial/official after-party, ask Conan! 😉

What about???…..
Ask a member of your Event Stewart team and we will try to help!