Myrgan Wood Anniversary 2023 – Classes

All locations subject to change as necessary. Please keep your eyes open as more classes may be added!

Open Arts Space
Where: Classroom A
Time: All Day

Description: Open space to work on projects away from the bustle of the common areas. Please be respectful of the space. No open flames.

Period Recorder Ensemble with HE Isabelle of Myrgan Wood and Lady Mel of Sigelhundas
Where: Classroom B (exact location to be determined)
When: 10:30-12:00

Description: Period Recorder Ensemble Meet Up
HE Isabelle of Myrgan Wood and Lady Mel of Sigelhundas are planning to get together to have a period music jam session involving recorders. Anyone who would like to come and try playing period music on your old school, (or serious) recorder is welcome to join in.
The plan is to try playing some fairly simple pieces to get a feel for where we can go with this. Some simple sheet music will be made available L. Isabelle also has a couple of school recorders kicking around that she will clean up and bring along. Playing ability and music reading (treble clef) at a beginner level would be advantageous, with possible meet ups for learning sessions in the future.

Ancient Pottery Workshop
Where: The Green Room
When: 10:30-12:00

Description to Follow

Introductory Scribal with Mu’Allima Aisha
Where: Classroom A (exact location to be determined)
Time: 12:00-13:30 for formal class, room is reserved for All-Day Scribal.

Description: Open Scribal with a twist. All skill levels are welcome. This will be an evolving class, depending on class interest and skill levels. We will start with going over the basics of scribal, including how to lay down paint, then proceed to techniques and tips to elevate your scribal projects. We will have an open discussion for anything scribal. I will share my scribal kit must haves, secret weapons, favorite paints, papers & tricks. I invite you to come share yours! Join me to pick up some new ideas or share your own great ideas.

Sudden Death In The Late Roman Republic with Skald Strifemaker
Where: Green Room
When: 12:00-13:30

Description: An examination of how the people and government of Rome dealt with the sudden and deliberate killings of people. How did they differente murder from other kinds of death? What fate was most feared by the ancient Romans? Find out!

Backstrap Weaving Circle with Alex of Myrgan Wood
Where: Convocation Hall
When: 12:00-13:30 (or until there are no weavers left to weave)

Description: Enjoy weaving but find it lonely? Curious? Come join the backstrap weaving circle!
Free to join.
All experience levels welcome.
Wear a belt!
Bring your own project!
Tablet weaving kits available for purchase (simple patterns, limited availability)
Required materials: A belt. Weaving supplies. Please reach out on our Myrgan Wood Event Page to arrange a purchase of a small weaving kit if you do not have your own.

How-To Retinue with Gwenyfher of Sigelhundas
Where: Classroom B
When: 12:00-13:30

Description: Who are the people who help the Crown in Their activities? What does it mean to serve on a Retinue? What is involved? Come see what it is “behind the scenes”.

Royal Round and Tournament Score Submission Class
Where: Green Room
When: 14:00-15:00

Description: This class will go over the how-tos on entering Royal Rounds & Tournament scores. Also will show how to find and add names to the roster. This is for Archery & Thrown Weapons. Junior & Senior Marshals from both disciplines can join this class. If you are a Senior Marshal and do not have a login from me please email before the class. This will all be on my computer & shown on a projector. Needed for the class: Paper & scribble stick for notes. If there is interest from people who cannot attend the event we can figure out a zoom call at the same time. Please comment or message if you are interested in joining & if you are in person or online.

How to Make A Shield with Sir Korsak
Where: Classroom B
When: 14:30-16:00

Description: “A class on shield making; let’s see if we can make another shield that will last for three years.

I’ll walk you through my shield design and manufacturing process, with actual demonstration on a shield currently under construction.

In addition, general fighter chat.”

Money Money Money! Medieval Coins with Tracene of the Museum of Antiquities
Where: The Green Room
When: 15:30-17:00

Description: Description to follow.