MWIT April Edition

Join us on Sunday, April 28th in Vanscoy for a fun, challenging archery competition.

Join us for a celebration of ONE YEAR OF MWIT!
That’s right, it’s here to stay! Join us for some fun, interesting targets and challenges.

Running NOON-4ish, the tournament begins at 1:30 EXACTLY so please be on site and through inspections by that point.

Bowbusters Archery Range – Vanscoy
Google Maps (this is a twenty minute drive from Saskatoon)

Entry is $5 to compete in one division; $10 for both.

For the tournament, there will be two divisions:

Division 1 is SCA legal shooting: traditional bows without augmentation (weights, sights including peep sights or pins, stabilizers, clickers, etc), shooting wooden arrows.

Division 2 is open to anyone shooting a traditional bow regardless of arrow type.

Prizes will be awarded in both divisions for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions.

Every MWIT is unique, with the goal of having fun, being challenging, and encouraging new shooters to try the art and feel what a competition is like in a cheerful environment.

Medieval Garb is encouraged but not required. Equipment can be provided for those who do not have bows, arrows, or the relevant gear but would like to participate. Merchants and bards may be present.