Baronial Polling 2022!

Notice of Polling, Barony of Myrgan Wood

Why are we having a polling?

Within each kingdom in the SCA, the Royal Majesties appoint representatives for each barony.
Our current representatives, Raoul & Roxanne, have chosen to step down at the end of their second term at Anniversary in October and so Their Majesties Wernar and Sadb will select the next person or persons to wear the baronial coronet.

The role of the Baron &/or Baroness is to provide leadership for the barony and represent the Crown to the people and people to the Crown.
Their Majesties wish to make a wise and informed choice and so wish to hear the opinions of the members of the barony.
A poll will be conducted following Avacal Kingdom procedures (can be found on the seneschal’s page of the kingdom website).

This is not a vote. Those who wish to be considered will submit their application (see below) and members will be formally asked to provide their opinion of the suitability of each candidate.
One might support all of them!! The point is to provide information so that Their Majesties can make the best choice.

The process is overseen by an officer of the barony, in this case Deputy Seneschal Lady Signe.
However, on the day of the polling, representatives from Their Majesties and the Kingdom Seneschal will be present to ensure that the filled in forms go directly to Their Majesties.

How does the polling process work?

How does the polling process work?

Here is the timeline:
May 18 at the business meeting an announcement with all the details will start the process
June 21 at the business meeting all those wishing to be considered must have their applications in
July 20 at the business meeting the candidates are asked to present themselves and to answer questions posed by the populace
August 16 at fight practice the actual polling will be conducted where members have the opportunity to fill in a polling form

The kingdom process outlines how SCA members within the postal codes of the Barony of Myrgan Wood are to be consulted.
The barony includes postal codes extending east and west of Saskatoon to the borders of the neighbouring provinces and extending north to the border of the territories.
All members within this area, and any officers or members of the sergeantry that do not reside within this are are asked to provide their opinions through the polling process.
Their Majesties have indicated that those who do not have a membership but wish to provide their opinion are able to do so, but must indicate that they do not have a membership (there will be a spot on the form to do so).

If you are not able to attend the July question session, you may submit questions to Lady Signe.
There will be notes kept (but not a transcript) and made available afterward.
There may be arrangements made for this session to be an in-person/digital hybrid.

If you are not able to attend the polling in person, there will be a way for you to be able to fill in a form electronically. These details are still being sorted.

Get to know the candidates!

Following our business meeting on July 20, the candidates will be available to answer questions and engage in discussion. This will be a hybrid meeting. In person in the meeting room at the top of the ramp at the Cosmo Civic Centre at 6:30 pm.

Cosmo Civic Centre
3130 Laurier Dr, Saskatoon

To join virtually the link and password will be posted the morning of July 20.

If you are unable to attend but wish to pose questions please send them to Lady Signs on FB or email Their Excellencies Raoul and Roxanne at

Who are the candidates?

Lady Amya Lyghtfot and (Lord) Brother Isidore

We, Lady Amya Lyghtfot and (Lord) Brother Isidore by this letter announce our intentions to put our names forward to become the next Baroness and Baron of Myrgan Wood. We have unique skills and strengths that would help us do well in this role. Amya was Baronial Chatelaine for four years, and likes to get to know people and make them feel included. She always tries to help people find their place within the Barony and the SCA at large. She is good at connecting people and helping them feel that they belong. Brother Isidore, although hasn’t been around as long, is a natural extrovert, and is skilled at public speaking and organizing both people and events. He naturally talks to everybody and is friendly and welcoming. He has shown natural leadership skills and eagerness to participate and try out all aspects of the life of the Society. He has a deep history of leadership in non-profits and volunteer organizations that has helped him fit into the community here very naturally. Several people have said that it feels like he’s been around far longer than he actually has. Amya has been in the SCA for eight years this summer.

Count Kvigr Ivarsson and Countess Svava Suanhuita

We, Count Kvigr Ivarsson and Countess Svava Suanhuita, declare our intention to submit ourselves as candidates for the position of Baron and Baroness of Myrgan Wood. We believe that we have the knowledge, capabilities and experience both in Society and mundane;as well as the commitment to perform the duties of Baron and Baroness. We will strive to our utmost to perform these duties with the respect and dignity that they deserve. Over 20 years we have gained a fair amount of experience as well as forming many connections throughout the SCA, Avacal and Myrgan Wood. Our personal connections and working relationships with groups, orders, households, current and former offices from various disciplines from all over Avacal is one of our greatest assets and should serve us well as the Baron and Baroness.

How do I provide my opinion if I am unable to attend polling activities?

Information to be announced

Electronic Polling

this space reserved for electronic polling information