An Urgent Announcement Regarding Tuesday’s Gatherings:

For the past year we have been enjoying access to the McNeil Fitness Center every Tuesday evening for fight practice and arts and science. The facility has chosen to return to their pre-pandemic scheduling, and as such we will no longer have access to our practice space. Our last practice at the McNeil Fitness Center will be Tuesday March 26th. We would like to thank the McNeil Fitness Center for being our hosts for the past year.

We understand that this news comes very suddenly, and apologize for being unable to give any more notice. We are working as quickly as possible to secure a new space, please bear with us in the meantime.

We are aware that this may raise concerns regarding practice fees. We ask your patience as we secure a new space, and that any pressing concerns be directed to the seneschal or baron and baroness. They can be reached most easily at and respectively.

Our deepest apologies for the sudden change. We will strive to keep the populace updated as we navigate this transition.