Myrgan Wood Anniversary 2022

Come one and all! This October to witness the selection of Myrgan Wood’s, Armoured and Arts and Science champions!!! Attend classes, and explore the lovely museum of antiquities. Enjoy the famed hospitality of Myrgan Wood and enjoy dinner in the evening. There will be a rapier prize tournament and Bardic fun! We also bid a sad farewell to Raoul and Roxanne who have served this Barony for the past 4 years, and welcome their replacements who will rule the Realm of the Elm!

Site opens: Saturday, October 8th, 2022, 09:00 AM.
Site closes: 11:00PM

Museum of Antiquities, University of Saskatchewan Campus 106-107 Adminstration PL

Site Fee: $25.00
Member discount fee: $20.00
under 18 years of age free.
Feast: $15.00

Front Entrance to the Hall

Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to try to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events. By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.

Pre Registration:


Site FAQ:

Where is it, the event will be in the Peter Mackinnon Building and the Physics Building on the campus of the University of Saskatchewan. Weather permitting we will be moving fighting out onto the Bowl. That will be decided the day of.

How can I pay? Pay at the door via cash or cheque. Cheques made out to SCA – Myrgan wood

Can I pre-pay?
No we are not set up for that

Where do I park? There are numerous pay parking lots around the University. (see handy parking map)

Do I have to wear a mask?
No, though wearing them is encouraged

Where is my Class? Classes schedule is on the website, and on Facebook.

I want to hang my banner, can I?
YES!!! please bring you banners to hang from the Convocation Hall balcony. Please use Painters tape to secure them. No tacs or duct tape please

What is the feast?
We have ordered lasagna (both with meat and no meat) the University has a monopoly on food services, so we have to order through them. A salad is also provided.

Is there a bar?
Yes there will be bar service in the evening.

Can my bring my own alcohol?
No. All alcohol must be purchased from the bar onsite.

I am off board can I bring my own food?
Yes, through there is no way to heat it up on site.

Can I bring a crock pot, or my own microwave to heat up my dinner ? No.

Can I order food in from one of Saskatoon’s fine restaurants? Yes indeed! Go nuts

What if the cyclotron malfunctions and sends us all back to 1341? Well I guess enjoy the authentic historical experience. No refunds sorry.

Can I have candles?
No actual flames, electric candles/lights only

Are allowed to see the museum?
Yes! Please feel free to explore the Museum of Antiquities. Admission is included with site.

Are children welcome?
Yes though children must be minded at all times as per SCA policies

Is photography allowed? Yes, Please be respectful of those at the event, and ask permission if possible

Where is everyone staying? We do not have any specific hotels to recommend for this event

What about???….. Ask a member of your Event Stewart team and we will try to help!

Skald, Conan, Gwen, and the whole Crew!


Google Docs copy

Arts and Science Championship:

Myrg A&S Championship is a month away. You still have time to join. You will get to be part of the fun of A&S competitions and receive feedback by highly talented people on your craft.

You can also choose not to run for champion and just come show off your art/craft/skills. Do you make arrows, come tell us about it? have you made a new piece of armor, we want to know how it was done? Have you tried different medieval recipes, come tell us about it? We will plan out the display area around what people want to talk about. Myrg is full of high talented people.

Let’s show off!
– Lady Susan of Myrgan Wood

These are the Guidelines for any who wish to enter an Arts and Science Champion Tourney in the Barony of Myrgan Wood. All criteria must be met in order to enter the Championship.

1. All entrants shall have a paid membership to SCA Inc. and maintain the same during their tenure as a Champion of Myrgan Wood.
2. All entrants shall be willing to run or arrange for an individual to run a tournament in approximately one year’s time to choose a successor.
3. All entrants shall be willing to display a piece of regalia to show they are a Champion of the Barony of Myrgan Wood, in the event they should be deemed a Champion of Myrgan Wood.
4. All entrants shall be willing to run or arrange for an individual to run any minor tournaments at a Myrgan Wood event, as part of fostering participation in their particular field, if called upon, in the event they should be deemed a Champion of Myrgan Wood.
5. All entrants shall be willing to serve behind the Myrgan Wood Thrones as Champion, and as retinue for the Excellencies of Myrgan Wood, in the event they should be deemed a Champion of Myrgan Wood.

Scoring Rubrics:
Myrgan Wood A&S Rubric
Myrgan Wood A&S Scoring Card

Championship of Sword

Hello Avacal
Myrgan Wood Anniversary is right around the corner and with it comes the Myrgan Wood Armoured Championship.
Long have I stood on guard in this land as Champion, and I would see this post filled.

Tournament format will be decided depending on the number of entrants.
All legal weapon styles shall be permitted.
We wish all to have a inspiration but due to a variety of Covid comfort levels we understand if your inspiration is unable to attend.
There will be a prize tournament for all fighters, but the Armoured Championship shall be fought by those with the Blood of the Wood in their veins, both those who live in the Barony and those flung far.

Finally, all entrants should have a SCA membership in good standing, and make themselves presentable to myself and the Baron and Baroness of Myrgan Wood.

I look forward to seeing everyone!

Sir Dmitrii Korsak,
Myrgan Wood Armoured Champion


10 AM
Name: Hair Braiding
Teacher: Jenifer Lyn Ulriksen – Gwen
Cost: $0
Learn how to braid yours and other people’s hair. Learn 8 styles of braids. Hair models needed! Want flowers, or beads? Bring them and your freshly washed (wet or dry) hair to class!  Found inspiration in a picture – bring it and we will discuss how to make it happen.
Location: Convocation Stage

10 AM
Name: Medieval Coins
Teacher: Tracene
Cost: $0
Covers highlights of medieval coins in the Museum’s collection from Richard the Lionheart to Edward the Confessor, as well as some Crusader coinage 
Location: Museum

10 AM
Name: Introduction to the SCA
Teacher: Wilhum Bear
Cost: $0
A broad look at what is happening today and in general.  How did the SCA start?  Why are people dressed up, and what is everyone doing?
Location Physics Room 107

10 AM
Name: Introduction to Knitting
Teacher: Jacinda of Valleywold
Cost: $5
Learn how to knit!  Jacinda will provide you with needles and yarn, and get you started on what could be a lifelong passion!  Learn basic stitches, how to cast, and some of the history of knitting.  
Maximum 10 people
Location: Physics Foyer

2:00 PM
Name Cattail Basket Weaving  **Pre registration Required**
Teacher: Burnuild Frasyer
Cost: $0
Want to be able to learn how to weave a basket?  Learn how to weave a basket with Cattails.  Materials provided, please pre – register so sufficient materials can be harvested.  
Location: Green Room

2:00 PM
Name: Coins of the Caesars
Teacher: Tracene
Cost: $0
Exploring some key themes including the gods on coins, architecture, and imperial women/empresses
Location: Museum

3:30 PM
Name: Fletching: A how to
Teacher: Tófa Váladóttir
Cost: $0
Every looked at an arrow and wondered how it was made?  Tofa will show you how to make your own arrows!
Location: The Green Room

3:30 PM
Name: Combat Triggers
Teacher: Sir Korsak
Cost: $0.00
What tells you to throw that shot? Why did you step there? Why are you standing there? 
Join my class where we discuss common triggers in fighting and what to do when you see them.  This class can be in armor.
Location: Physics Foyer

Name: How to Run a Kingdom event
Teacher: Ségdae Úa Fáeláin
Ever thought about running a Kingdom event, but were afraid to ask?  Or didn’t know what you were getting into?  Learn all about the do’s don’t and what you need to prepare an awesome event
Location: Physics 107

4:30 PM
Name: Throat Singing
Teacher Strid Smidr
Cost $0
Learn the basics of throat singing.  Strid will take you through how to sound super cool, and take your throat singing to the next level.   
Location: Museum