Tri-Baronial Cup: August Summer Revel

Myrgan Wood August Summer Revel

Hosted by the Barony of Myrgan Wood (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), in the Kingdom of Avacal
*Please note: Event will only go ahead if permitted by provincial regulations in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic at the time.

A message from the Baron and Baroness of Myrgan Wood:

Welcome! These are the plans for the first official in-person event within the Kingdom of Avacal!

The provincial heath authorities and SCA Inc have determined that, if done carefully, the pandemic has eased enough that we can start to gather again.
This is both welcome news and nerve-wracking for people. The intent of the organizers is for this revel to be an easing into a new normal.
All activities are for fun. All participants are welcome and encouraged to engage in the manner that fits with each person’s comfort and boundaries.
Communication and chivalrous conduct are key to keeping everyone physically and emotionally healthy! Whether you wish to maintain distance or hug, mask or not, let’s set our boundaries and communicate.

Descriptions of the activities are outlined below with details and current announcements posted to the Facebook event here:
Key points currently are:
– bring plenty of water, water bearing is not allowed at this time
– there is a complete fire ban in the municipality
– you are responsible to haul out your own garbage
– SCA requires contact tracing information. The easiest way to accommodate that is through pre-registration (see link below)

We look forward to seeing those of you who feel comfortable with attending this event. Hopefully it will be safe enough for us to see the rest of you soon!

Roxanne & Raoul,
Baroness & Baron of Myrgan Wood

Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events.
By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks.
You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.

Participants engaging in this behavior are subject to appropriate sanctions.
If you are subjected to harassment, bullying or retaliation, or if you become aware of anyone being harassed or bullied,
contact a seneschal, President of the SCA, or your Kingdom’s Board Ombudsman.

Event Starts: July 30th 2021
Event closes: August 2nd 2021
Location: Quad Site (near Marsden, Saskatchewan)
Google Maps:

Medical / Emergency service:
• 911 emergency dial
• Nearest hospital: Lloydminster Hospital 45 mins
• Ambulance service dispatch: Lloydminster
• RCMP stations: Maidstone SK/ Cutknife SK
• Cellular service is available to the Site

Event Emergency evacuation plan and procedure:
• 911 / cellphone service available
• Pump on site is closed and capped
• In the event 911 dispatches air rescue landing pad will be kept clear across from Troll both
• All roads will be kept clear for emergency vehicle access
• In the event of an evacuation level disaster people will proceed to the main muster point at the Castle Gates, or if unsafe the secondary muster point at Troll
• Evacuation routes and information will be provided depending on situation.
• Each camp is responsible for fire safety and must follow site and provincial regulations for any open flames or campfires

Fire ban update: July 26, 2021.
The fire ban for the MD has been partially lifted.
Thus, fires (both wood and propane) are permitted in contained fire pits with mandatory wire grills for cover.
Please note, however, that the ground is still dry even with the past weekend’s rain so please keep a large supply of water nearby should it be necessary to address escaped sparks.
Enjoy your fire pits, albeit safely please


Site Fees:
Adults – $30 non-member, $25 w/ membership discount
Youth (17 and under) – $0

Pre Register Here


Final Schedule:


Heavy, Archery, Rapier and YAC:

None of the disciplines have a dedicated tournament at this event.
Each discipline will have time allotted on the schedule to shake the rust of and enjoy the camaraderie of participating in their fun together.
None of the activities will overlap so there will be plenty of opportunity for people to participate in as many of the activities as they like without having to choose which to play in.

Torchlight Tournament:

The time has come…

Pulled from piles of cobwebs, from the mouldering depths covered in the funk of inaction, resting waiting for the time to be reborn.
For ages they have waited, patiently, for worthy hands to yet again to wield these weapons of ancient glory.
For lo the time has come for heroes to awaken, and march forth yet again, and forge thier names in the annals of eternity!
My friends, knock the rust from your helms, re tape your weapons, squeeze into those doublets. For now is the time to yet again find GLORY!
Friday night ( July 30), in honour of thier Royal Majesties Annaversary on the thrones of Avacal. There is a tournament to celebrate the year that was, and crush it underfoot.
The Annaversary Tournament will be a prize tournament for armoured and rapier combatants.
We have prizes!!! Many prizes!!!! ( no jobs here, only word fame) All skill levels welcome, all authorized tournament styles welcome!

P.S. Please check your authorizations!

So what will this epic festival of steel and rattan look like? It will be round robin. ( let’s start simple shall we?)

What/ how do I win??!! Categories!!!
Most enthusiastic! ( 16 months of pent up enegy unleashed!!!)
” Who the hell is that?” Most changed i.e. new heraldry, New doublet, suddenly developed foot work, etc. ( it’s up to thier Majesties )
Most creative alteration to get into armour
Plus we can have prizes for winning the tournament too! ( as per tradition we will figure out the playoffs once we have a good idea of how many fighters.)

So bring your enthusiasm, your joy, your love of the dream, and we will come together in the most glorious way we know how, with the song of steel and rattan.
Happy Annaversary your Majesties!!! We will do you honour!

Yours in Service
HL Skald Strifemaker

Try to Stab Your Favorite MoD:

Are you ready to get back into the stab of things?
At the upcoming Tri-Baronial event we will run a regional practice to get us all ready for the year to come.
We will line up all of the MoDs that will be present and have a feeder line of everyone else supplying dancing partners for the MoDs.
The person approaches the MoD, fights 3 passes and then has a short time to discuss any observations the MoD may have before moving on to the next challenger.
When the MoD needs a break, they will choose a fighter from among the challengers to hold their spot in their stead.
When the MoD is rested they will return to their spot and the challenger to the line.
We will keep going as time and energy permits. Join Avacal’s MoDs for a stabby good time.

Sir Gunther Rorikson

(re)Learn How to shoot & Competition of No Consequence:

Pray attend good gentles!

Long have our arrows rested idle in quivers, bows sat unstrung, and targets sat MOCKING US with their lack of holes.
It is high time we change that! And have a lot of fun at the same time!

As missile champion of Myrgan Wood, I am organizing some quality archery time for the upcoming Summer Revel event! There will be two parts to this:

(re)Learn How to shoot:
With at least a few people available to help you in your quest to figure out what direction the arrow goes, I am certain we can knock the dust off in short order.
One side of the range and at least 3 targets will be available Friday Night, and Sunday Morning, for practice purposes.
Come on down, no matter how new or old, and get some string time again for our new era!

Competition with No Consequences: Once you have brushed off some of the dust, on Sunday switch to the other side of the range, and TEST YOUR MIGHT!
Targets are guaranteed to be wacky and fun to shoot at.

In service,
Conan of Myrgan Wood, Missile Champion of Myrgan Wood

A&S Show and Tell:

Welcome back to elementary school.
Everybody who made something during the plague can stand up and show off their thing to the assembled audience and tell us all about it.
It’s not a competition. It’s a chance to show you awesome thing and maybe field a question or two from the crowd.

Recreate a Medieval Painting:

The idea with this is to find a piece of medieval art that is interesting to you in some way.
Then get together props, friends, somebody’s children, livestock (K, probably not livestock or we’ll need another waiver, maybe tie a fleece on your dog or something) or whatever you need to re-create that image in real life.
An example is attached but this would also be a good time to reach out to some of your favourite scribes and ask them if they know of some amazing images from the past. Because a lot of them do.

There isn’t a lot of rules around this so go hard. It’s all in good fun and the possibilities are endless.
The idea will be to have an audience looking at the image that you’re doing and then looking at your attempt at it.
I think this should be fantastic.

We’re not sure how we’re going to disseminate the images that you’re trying to re-create to the audience yet, but we’ll have that figured out by gameday.
If you could please email me your image in advance, that’d be great so that I can include it in our prep package for the audience. Either FB pm or just email it to me at

Karaoke BYOFeast:

On Saturday evening, we’re going to have a BYOFeast on the eric field.
Bring your own tables and chairs or a blanket to sit on.
Social distancing is completely possible and you’re welcome to go as far as marking out a space around you with stakes and ropes if you choose to do so.
Set up as singles or as groups as your comfort allows adhering to all public health guidelines which will be outlined at the time of the event.
Bring your own food. There is absolutely no potluck aspect to this.
During the meal, there is a Karaoke element to it.
So feel free to get up and perform in any way you wish.
We would love to add some musical atmosphere to the event and welcome your voices and instruments.
This is in no way a performance venue, it’s background ambiance.
Performances can be anything from playing a flute, to telling a story, to a personal soliloquy outlining your grocery list for next week.
There is no expectation that the performer will be any good.
All skill levels are welcome. It’s medieval style karaoke while we eat.

Stitch and say nice things

This activity is intended to get together a bunch of people who are interesting in making stuff.
It doesn’t have to be Stitching related but it made a cool title so I went with it.
We will set up under one of the pavilions around the list fields and make stuff together.
Feel free to bring whatever project that you’re working on and visit with your friends or better yet, with people you don’t know, while working on stuff.
If you don’t have a project right now, feel free to come anyway and see what sort of stuff people are doing.
Maybe something will catch your eye and inspire you to take up that art.

All A&S pursuits welcome. Stitching, painting, leatherworking, heck you can work on your marble sculptures if you like.
Bring your materials and your workspace and visit with people while making stuff.

Making Mead with Coryn

A step-by-step explanation of how to start brewing your own mead.
There will be samples for those of legal drinking age.
Tiny sample cups will be provided – or bring your own drinking vessel if you need larger samples to form an opinion about mead.
No class size limit, but there will only be handouts for 10 people. Class duration: 1 hour, or longer if more tasting is needed.


Sir Hrogn
Ladyship Astrid
Lordship Skeld


• Showers on site
• Outhouses
• Fuel / convenience store 10 mins in Marsden SK
• Lloydminster 45 min
• Wainwright 47 min
• Hotel / motel: several major chains in Lloydminster 45 mins from site.
• Liquor sales, Marsden SK


• Will be allowed under traditional site rules
• There is no merchanting fee
• Merchants pay site fee as normal participants